QR Codes are great for printed materials. By putting a QR code on your business card, flyer, direct mail piece or any other printed or physical item, you can make it easy and fast for viewers to be led to a URL (website link) of your choice. 

The most common ways to use a QR code include: 
  • Requesting Google Reviews 
  • Leading people to your website for more information 
  • Letting new patients schedule online

It's not wise to have more than one QR code listed on a printed item, as it can be confusing and annoying to the viewer. If you'd like to give the viewer the option to choose from multiple links, use ONE QR code to lead to a page on your website that lists several options. This may include the request for a review to your platform of choice. We call this an "Echo Page". It costs $300 for our team to set up an Echo page for you. 

Steps for Creating a QR Code: 
1. Decide which URL (website link) to which you'd like the QR code to direct viewers. 

2. Choose a QR Code Generator Site
Some are paid. Some are free. Some allow for fancy customizations (such as embedding your logo into the QR code itself). I find these unnecessary since the item it's usually printed on already features your logo. Here's an example of a site that allows you to create QR codes: https://www.qr-code-generator.com/

3. Once you follow the instructions on the QR code generator of your choice, you'll want to download a high resolution version of the QR code. You can send this to us to use in your print design (business card, flyer, or other custom graphics). 

Why should you set this up yourself? 
We can help you with a simple QR code from a free generator, but if you're creating a QR code to use for years to come, you won't want it created by a third party who has a license to uphold. If their license expires or the free platform mandates a paid license, your QR code will break for no reason and you won't receive any sort of notification. Just like any phone number, domain, online listing or social media profile, you want to maintain ownership of the digital aspects that represent your company. 

Once you've created your QR code, send it our way and we'll be happy to implement it into your purchased graphic design project.