What to Expect from your Project Manager

Your project manager will be your point of contact for questions related to the following: 

  • Branding (name, logo, tagline)
  • Website development
  • Custom Graphic Design & Writing Projects

The branding process is as follows (name, logos, taglines): 

  • You submit your questionnaire(s) (Day 1) 
  • Our design and writing team creates options for you to see (One week)
  • You should receive a presentation 1 day prior to your meeting allowing you time to review options and jot down your personal preferences prior to the meeting. 
  • In the first meeting with your project manager, you will have the ability to choose a color scheme, font, and favorite symbol. You may also suggest a different style based on your personal preferences. Your feedback should be detailed and allow our team to narrow down options until a final selection has been made. 
    • Constructive feedback example: “We’ve chosen logo option 2. Please make the blue darker, please use the HEX color: #13265C” 
    • Alternative constructive feedback, “I would like to see a logo symbol in this style (link to logo you love or attach logo style you love), and would love the color of #3 and the layout of #4.” 
    • Non constructive feedback: “Let’s see more options.” 
  • It usually takes 1 week after receiving the questionnaire to have your first round of options available to review. 
  • If you’ve hired us for a business name and tagline, that will be determined and finalized before moving on to logo options. 
  • Usually branding takes 2-4 weeks, but can take longer if you have multiple decision makers or if you elect to spend more time in the deliberation process. 

The Website Development Process 

  • You will submit your questionnaire
  • Designers and writers spend a week putting together your mock up and overview of content. 
  • You set up a review meeting with your project manager (1 full week / 5 business days after the questionnaire is received) 
  • You will receive your presentation 1 business day prior to your meeting, allowing you a bit of time to review it. 
  • You may suggest edits / changes in your review meeting. 
  • It takes 2-3 days to make changes (unless they are substantial)
  • Once the design and content organization is approved by you, your project manager will send your files to our team of developers. He/she will get the deadline and set up a review meeting with you. This is often 2-3 weeks after the design approval meeting. 
  • In the meantime, if you’ve engaged us for digital marketing of any kind, you may also be meeting your strategist to approve the digital marketing strategy. 
  • The whole website development process takes about 4 weeks. If substantial changes are requested or multiple rounds of revisions made prior to launch, this timeline can be extended. 

Your project manager may advise against things such as: 

  • The color red for a dental brand
  • A generic symbol such as a tooth, toothbrush, or smile for your brand
  • Complexities that will pose future problems when printing or displaying your logo 
  • The best hosting account to purchase
  • Instructions on purchasing hosting and giving us access
  • The removal of items that may negatively impact your rankings on Google (if SEO is included in your plan). 
  • The best possible domain strategy for future SEO results
  • Design / written requests that may detract from the effectiveness of your marketing 
  • Inappropriate placement of your call to action

Your project manager will guide you through this process, keep it moving and help to facilitate decision making as you go. He or she should keep a meeting booked with you at all times, to ensure the project continues to move forward. 

After your website or other project is live / completed, you will request future changes by emailing webchanges@identitydental.com. Please be specific and detailed to expedite your requests. Content additions must be provided to us. Changes beyond the scope of website management (which are very rare), will be addressed individually and a quote may be provided. Most content and graphic change requests do not require an investment beyond the website management service.