Good evening _________, 

I hope you are well. 

I'm happy to offer you a sponsored interview on Dentistry's Growing with Grace Podcast.

It includes: 
- 25 minute interview full episode
- 5 professionally edited clips of the podcast which you can use to promote yourself
- publication on our Youtube channel and all podcast platforms
- 5 social media posts in our groups on Facebook, and on our business pages
- disbursement to our opt-in list of over 4000 dental professionals. 
- an optimized (SEO) page on our website featuring you, your bio, and the episode 

The more interesting the content, the more exposure the episode will get. We've had one post get 12,000+ impressions on an episode about management. You will get to submit your 5 interview questions for discussion. 

You would also have the materials to use on your website, post to your social media pages and profiles and elsewhere. 

The entire sponsorship is $1500 and we have a few openings coming up soon. 

The production time is only 40 minutes total. Editing takes about 2 weeks and episodes and clips typically go live within a month of being recorded. 

Our most recent episode was a sponsored podcast and we're just now in the process of disseminating that content out. Please let me know if you're interested and we'll send an invoice and scheduling link to you to get it booked.