If my Google ads are outperforming my Facebook ads, what should I consider before dropping my FB ads and reallocating that budget to Google ad spend? 

Google and Facebook ads often have different goals. For Google, the name of the game is conversion. With Facebook Ads, we're often more interested in brand recognition, or what our CEO, Grace Rizza calls "the long game." 

When you have both campaigns running, your Facebook ads show to people who have visited your site, many of which come to your site through a Google ad or your SEO efforts. 

If you drop your Facebook ads and put that budget into Google ads, you may see a slighter increase in your Google ads conversions, but it's also possible for you to see a dip. This is because when you take away the repeat exposure on a secondary platform, you may lose the overall impact of the campaign. 

We welcome you to change your campaign. Please know it just may have an unexpected result in some circumstances. 

In marketing, most things are worth testing, tweaking and testing again. We won't know how exactly it hits until we try it.