It's important to let us know if you're trying something new. We take no offense to a client hiring another agency and testing them out. Our main goal is not to sell you more services, but to be the most trusted advisor on your team. 

Problems occur when the seemingly beneficial services interfere with our work. In the past, we've encountered marketing agencies and advisors who have done the following: 

  • Gotten access to important listings or website with the intent to sabotage our work and earn more business from the client. 
  • Change hours, listing titles, or other aspects imperative to the results of our campaign
  • Revoke our access to important assets, then complain when we don't notice immediately. (<---There are not always alerts for these things, and if our optimization work was complete on that particular platform, it may be months before we run our next audit and "catch" that we were quietly removed or our work reverted.) 
  • Send false or exaggerative "audits" of our work with the intent to harm our reputation, break your trust in us, and with the end goal of earning more of your business. 
  • Put their own tracking metrics on our sites and listings to claim results for our work
It's always shocking that no matter how great our results, communication and stats have proven, that when a competing "advisor" gets involved the relationship can become damaged, often by no fault of our own. 

Imagine you provided a root canal to a patient, and then he didn't return for the crown. Perhaps he went to a "restorative specialist" for the crown. 3 months later, the work fails and the patient blames your root canal. You can see here that sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen, too many dentists in the op, and sometimes too many "advisors" with overlapping access / responsibilities. 

Not all advisors look like competitors. Some may not offer SEO, Google ads or even paid social media marketing. In these instances, 99% of "marketing advisors" are partnered with an agency and receive HEALTHY financial kickbacks for referring to their fulfillment partners. Even though a person may look like a non-biased third party, VERY few dental advisors are unbiased. MOST have financial affiliations, 

To get the best from our team, keep us in the loop. Talk to us before engaging another agency. We'll advise what entities they should NOT be involved in. We'll know how to protect our work and at least have the opportunity to defend ourselves against false claims or sales-motivated "audits".