We have 4 different types of websites, all of which take about 30 days to complete. We can only start a website project after the business name, final logo, and questionnaire have been provided to us. Once those items have been received, along with payment, the project will commence and the clock starts ticking. 

Reasons for Delays

There are many reasons a website project may be delayed. Often this is originating from the client. Here are a list of some of the things we've seen/ heard: 
  • Client doesn't want site to go live until custom photography is done, even though we can replace and update photos at any time at no additional charge. 
  • Client hasn't made time to approve the site or fill out the approval form.
  • Client took a vacation or is expecting a child and hasn't gotten back to us in a timely way 
  • Client showed the website to competing advisors who gave unnecessary critical advice to complicate the process. If this happens, often times the client doesn't know how to even request changes because this advice is often offensive and vague.  (even though they may not seem competing, they may have alliances with competing marketing agencies)
  • Client showed the work to a Facebook forum for the dental "world" to weigh in, instead of confidently making decisions based on his/her own style preferences. 
  • Client didn't purchase hosting / domain services, which prohibit the ability for our team to launch. 
  • Previous marketing agency is holding the domain hostage and not complying to requests to release and transfer the domain. 


Logo development usually only takes 2 weeks. For a first time owner, this process can take far longer. It has less to do with the "quality" of options, and more to do with the ability of the owner to lead confidently and make decisions. Our job in logo development is to show variety of effective options based on the information provided in our questionnaire. Your job is to narrow down options or give clear directions from the options provided or from a graphic you've shown to our team.  If this process takes more than 4 weeks, this is usually because of one of the following: 
  • The doctor is uncomfortable putting himself or herself "out there" 
  • The business owner has involved too many decision makers and is people-pleasing staff, patients, or worse - - other dentists / competing advisors 
  • The business owner lacks clarity in his/her unique selling proposition and overall business goals 
  • The business owner doesn't "love" anything but cannot show a sample of what he or she does love to assist in narrowing the unlimited options. 
  • The doctor wants something generic and we've encouraged him/her to differentiate with a modern (non-tooth) logo. At the end of the day, it's fully your decision. We will guide you, but if you have a clear vision, we're here to create that for you, even if it's different than ours. 


Search engine optimization usually takes 6 months to start working. This means at least one main keyword is usually in the top 3 in 6 months. From there, the campaign should continue to improve. If you're in a high competition market, it could take longer than 6 months. We gauge progress in your dashboard and by looking at rankings and analytics for your website and local listings. Reasons for results taking longer include: 
  • Someone on your team (or otherwise) making changes to listing titles and optimizations without our involvement
  • High competition market (consider pairing with Google ads as the SEO picks up) 
  • Low number of Google reviews compared to top ranking competitors 
  • A website not created by Identity Dental Marketing proving problematic
  • Too many keyword focuses requested too soon, watering down speed of results
  • Refusal to embrace a keyword heavy domain name
The best results come to those who let it run for months and years and allow the top positions to be solidified over time with consistent white hat SEO methods, which we employ every month. 

Google & Facebook Ads

Google ads usually start rendering results in 3 months. Facebook ads start gaining exposure and brand recognition immediately but if utilized for a brand building initiative, metrics related to new patient numbers aren't indicative of performance. For a brand building ad campaign, you'll be evaluating impressions, views, and reach.

Our team will have your campaign strategy to approve prior to launch. You'll set your launch date when entering your payment information during the onboarding process.