The primary goals of the initial 60-minute client meeting are to:

  1. Outline the scope of the project and marketing services
  2. Gain approval on SEO main keywords.
  3. Explain the process for achieving long-tail keywords over time and provide an overview of what is involved in SEO.
  4. Obtain approval for Google, Facebook, and other advertising budgets and advertising focuses, as well as approval for ad headlines, descriptions, and display ads.
  5. Obtain approval for offers and explain the use of landing pages, as well as obtain approval for landing pages.
  6. If receiving branding or a logo, defer website discussion until future meeting. If receiving a website with no branding, review the homepage layout (or for semi-custom present three semi-custom layouts for the client to choose from). For a redevelopment project, outline the expected timeline and steps, and inform the client that changes can be requested after the site is redeveloped and launched.
  7. Review the website menu items and gain approval for them.
  8. Review the monthly marketing start date as provided in the onboarding and payment authorization form. Remind the client that a 30 day notice is required to change a start date because we do our work well in advance. 
  9. Obtain approval for domain strategy and provide the client with instructions to set up a hosting account. Provide a timeline for when it makes sense to set this up, and offer to answer any questions the client may have.
  10. Introduce the Identity Dashboard, and explain that you’ll be meeting with the client frequently until the set ups are complete, then monthly once the campaign is live, then after 2 months, we’ll graduate to quarterly review meetings. 
  11. Outline additional services that the client has not engaged us for such as: Photo Video Shoot, Social Media marketing, etc. Do not pressure them to do more, but let them know if they ever want to do more, that we can assist them. Affirm that their starting plan is a perfect starting point. 
  12. Schedule your next meeting for one week out, which will be to show revisions and gain approval to both the projects in the works or digital marketing strategy based on the action items coming from this call.