Why Do Businesses Utilize Specialized Roles?

Just like when you enter a restaurant and you're greeted by a host, then you meet a server, and you also encounter a food runner or someone who clears the table. You may even be approached by a manager to ask about your experience.  You likely already know that specialized roles can drive efficiency in an organization, while preventing mishaps and miscommunication. 

Do You Utilize Specialized Roles?

 When a patient enters your practice, they're greeted by a person who is a specialist at financials and patient scheduling, then seated by an assistant. They may have cleanings by an RDH and then see the dentist for an exam or needed treatment. In any successful business, there's a team who provides different specialized support. 

Our Specialized Roles Clarified

The skills needed to effectively manage the development of a website are wildly different than the skills needed to oversee website changes on live sites. The skills needed to optimize ad campaigns are different than those needed to plan strategy with clients. The skills required for optimal SEO results are different than the skills utilized to ensure billing is accurate. 

Our team is made of up of several talented individuals specializing in different areas of the business. Each  service offering is launched with a digital workflow, which is customized to your specific campaign goals, and ongoing workflows to ensure each team member has clear delegation and clarity on responsibilities. We don't involve you in every item, or you'd be extremely overwhelmed. We only involve you when we require your approval or support in finalizing a task in this workflow.

You'll have a few points of contacts: 

1.Onboarding and billing 
2. Your Project Manager
3. Your Strategist 
4. Website Change Requests (identitydental.com/webchanges)

Once your website is live and campaign is up and running your main point of contact is your Strategist. 

As we grow, we bring in new strategists. Often these are team members who have been promoted from other digital marketing roles. If your strategist changes, this is not a cause for panic or concern. You are NOT starting over. Our fulfillment team (the people you do not meet) are the team members carrying out duties and tasks for your SEO, Ads or Social Media Marketing campaigns. The strategist is simply meeting with you to communicate progress and offer suggestions related to your campaign. 

To make your life easier, we've built a website page to reference anytime you need to recall who you should contact, and when: