Why Would I Need A Landing Page?

A landing pages can be helpful in the following circumstances: 

  • To hold the place for a future website 
  • To add to your Google Business Page while awaiting your website to go live
  • For a web presence in a very low competition market
  • To serve as a page to list multiple websites / locations 
  • To serve as a conversion page for ads (targeted towards a particular service, offering, or selling point) 
  • An SEO landing page can be used for specific SEO purposes (more on this below)

What does a landing page cost? 

  • Cost may depend on what you’ve purchased already, your expectations for the page, and many other determining factors
  • We will create up to 3 landing pages with your ad campaign set up, based on the needs of the campaign 
  • Landing pages vary from $200-$600 and may require a monthly hosting and maintenance charge

Is there a difference between an SEO Landing Page and other landing pages? 

Yes, an SEO landing page is utilized as a part of an already optimized website to expand your reach for a specified service, nearby town (with low competition), or a provider. By dedicating a full page of written, video and graphic content to this search term, you can help to build rankings with this method in some circumstances. It’s also often offered to assist in higher rankings for search terms related to specific insurance plans. 

This is a paid service that can be added to your SEO campaign with Identity Dental Marketing.