If you're planning to achieve top rankings on Google or other search engines, and you're in an area with any level of competition, you'll want to consider a keyword heavy domain. 

What is a keyword heavy domain? 

This is the domain where your website will "live"? It will point to your hosting account, which houses your website files. It should include your main search terms. For example, if your business name is Magnolia Dental, located in Lakewood Ranch, FL, you may consider the keyword heavy domain: MagnoliaDentalLakewoodRanch.com

What if I have another domain I want to use? 

Let's say you've already purchased magnoliadental.com and you'd like to use that domain on your marketing materials. We'll refer to this as your "marketing domain" and place a forward on it, ensuring traffic to the keyword heavy domain or the marketing domain brings patients to the same place. 

Why does this matter? 
Google's job is to show the most relevant search results for a given search term. By putting your city name and main search phrase such as "dentist" into the domain, you're kicking off your SEO campaign with a strong advantage, which will make it difficult for current and future competitors to move in and outrank you. 

Where does Google say to do this? 
Google does not guide people on effective SEO. They do not publicize the algorithm--- for many reasons. 

Our team will recommend a keyword heavy domain if it'll benefit you as part of your SEO campaign with Identity Dental Marketing.