What can I expect during a campaign review session? 

As a part of your marketing services, we offer quarterly video conference meetings on zoom. During this time, you'll remotely meet face-to-face with one of our strategists to review your campaign stats and progress. 

They'll pull up your dashboard and explain your progress. They may also have recommendations for your Google ads campaign, ways to enhance your SEO results, or suggestions for improvement on your social media marketing services with Identity. 

What is included: 
  • Review of current marketing strategy
  • Review of progress via the dashboard metrics
  • Discussion of your current practice goals
  • Recommendations that may relate to or enhance our service offerings to you

What to bring: 
  • New patient statistics (How many new patients monthly are you getting and their referral sources. )
  • New goals (if applicable)
  • Progress in the practice
  • Pertinent information (such as: "We took 2 weeks off last month, which may have skewed our new patient numbers due to lack of availability.")
  • Positivity and appreciation 
  • Questions related to your service offerings or campaign goals
This helps us to confirm that the marketing we're working hard to provide is providing a tangible ROI in your practice. Too often people invest in marketing, don't have any internal tracking, then are forced to guess whether it's "working" or not. Many dentists don't often understand the value in a branding initiative (video social media ads) compared to the value of a lead generation initiative (Google ads with new patient special).  Both have significant value, but need to be evaluated by different metrics. 

What is not included: 
  • Practice management consulting (when to hire, when to fire, what systems and programs to use, what CE to attend, how to sell your practice, how to buy a new practice, etc.) 
  • Phone skills training sessions (We can refer you to someone for this.) 
  • Recruiting services  (We can refer you to someone for this.) 
  • "Other" marketing ideas / suggestions beyond our service offerings. We've chosen to offer the methods that are most effective and proven. These have changed throughout the years to meet the changes in technology. 
  • Support for services for which you are not subscribed. (i.e.: Can you help me merge past social media accounts, even though we don't pay for social media management?  We are happy to provide a quote for this.) 
  • Website change requests. Our strategists are experts in digital marketing strategy. Our website change department receives website change requests daily via email or form. Your changes should be submitted here: identitydental.com/webchanges or emailed to webchanges@identitydental.com
  • Training on how to use different marketing platforms or social media sites. This can be gained by participating in the FREE Facebook Group "Dentistry's Growing with Grace".  You can post your questions and we will often create video responses live for the entire group to see.