Website management and maintenance is required for any website that we'll be held accountable for keeping secure and up to date. 

Monday - Friday Our Team completes the following: 
- Logging into the site and ensuring it's live
- Updating plugins and resources that keep the site secure
- Completing any requested changes to the site's written content
- Completing any requested changes to the site's images (photography must be provided)
- Completing requested changes to website menu items or form fields or email recipient changes
- Updating hosting and domain payment information when the client updates payment methods with us (when we have access to hosting and domain services) 
- Troubleshooting on any technical issues such as form submissions, display issues, or browser incompatibility which may be a naturally occurring issue for an aging website. 

- A more detailed check on the site's functionality and visual display on mobile and desktop 

Without this service, Identity cannot be held accountable for the health, condition or website changes of the site moving forward.

In addition, this service does not entitle a client to request custom built web pages or new designs. Landing page management is a part of a Google or Facebook "ad campaign management and optimization" service. These landing pages are built on separate software and can be custom designed. Ad campaign monthly management also includes data analysis and tracking through our dashboard system, which is not included in website management alone.