While we LOVE our photography videography shoots, we also understand you may choose to work with a local videographer. Here are a few of the advantages of hiring us to fulfill your photo video shoot requirements: 

1. Seamless integration on the website and marketing plan 
You will have 30 days to request revisions to your photo and video content editing. After that point the content is finalized and further edits may not be possible. Once that approval is given, our team can integrate the video and photo content to the following places: 
  • Website design elements (if we are building your website)
  • Social Media Banners (if we're managing a social media campaign)
  • Local Listings such as Google My Business and Yelp (if we're also managing your SEO)
  • Print materials (if we're handling any print design projects for you) 

2. We're incredibly efficient! 
In a 5 hour shoot we can typically accomplish: 
  • Team and office photos
  • B-Roll for a very professional style
  • 1 Interview Style Welcome Video (excellent for your Homepage and pinned on social media pages)
  • 3 Interview Style Testimonials
  • 3 Scripted ads highlighting different services or selling points 
Most non-dental videographers may not know how to shoot this content. As a result, you'll spend a day planning, and potentially 2 or more days with your office closed to patients. A 5-hour shoot may save you a full day in production time. 

3. We know DENTISTRY
It's important to not capture instruments on a slow scroll and to avoid certain words and emotions that can trigger fear in new patients. We know how to choose the right background music, B Roll and scripted words to provide an inviting and relaxing end product - or whatever brand your practice looks to establish. 

4. We're affordable
For the quality of work, even after our travel and lodging expenses, you are left with a high end product that fits seamlessly into your marketing strategy. Our "competitors" who offer similar services charge more than double what we charge for the same quality and quantity of work.