Good afternoon Dr. _____, 

We understand that at times a person's priorities change. Life happens and what once was a dire need becomes another task on the never ending to-do list. Marketing projects are usually fun, but we realize not everyone enjoys the approval and decision-making that comes along with it. 

When you purchased a marketing plan from us, we dedicated our resources to completing the work for you. As you may know, we're a small agency and can only take on a set number of projects at a time. We've reached out on several occasions to request feedback and keep the project moving, but we haven't heard back from you in more than 30 days, despite our regular follow-up and requests for communication. 

In your accepted contractual terms, it states that if we go 30 days or longer without hearing back from you, that we reserve the right to close the project out. 

It has been more than 30 days since we've heard from you, and we have reached out on several occasions via phone and email. We are wiling to extend this time by 2 weeks if you still intend to complete the project.

Please respond within 48 hours and let us know which of the following you'd like to us to do: 

1. Close your project and not complete it with us. 
2. Send us a final list of changes or revisions for our team to implement on your behalf. 

For your convenience, I've attached the most recent iteration of your project. 

To complete your project: 
- We simply need ______ (explain next steps here and if design approval, include link for approval) 

If we do not hear back, we will close out the project and will not be able to reopen the work in the future.