What is a Google Maps API Key?

The Google Maps API Key is a key provided by Google to view their Google Map on your website. Your personal API Key comes with a free quota on how many times a user queries the address on your website’s map. If the query usage exceeds your quota, your Google account will be automatically billed.

How do I get a Google Maps API Key?

Luckily, getting an API Key only takes a few minutes and is not difficult. All you need is a Google Account with the billing set-up. Or you can use an existing billing account.

Pricing and Setup



  1. Start by going to Google Maps Platform

  1. Press the 'Get Started' button. At this stage, you will be asked to create a Google account, Switch Account if you're already logged in, or login to your existing one. Accept the Terms of Service and Continue.

  1. After clicking continue you will enter your payment details shown below and
    click “Start My Free Trial”.


  1. At this stage you’ll be on your Google Cloud Dashboard. Click “Select a Project”

  1. Select “Start New Project”, Fill in Details, and click Create

  1. Select your newly Created Project

  2. Click API & Services

  1. Enable API & Services

  1. Select Maps Javascript API

  1. Enable API

  1. Click on Credentials

  1. Make sure ‘Maps Javascript API is selected next to ’Click Create Credentials’ Button

  2.  Click Create Credentials and Select API

11. Copy API Code and Provide to Identity Team