Can Identity Dental Marketing set up payments for patients on my site? 

Yes. There are 2 ways to complete this. 

Option 1 - Third Party Vendor
The first is to provide us with third party links that allows payments to sync with your software. Several Practice Management Software companies do provide this service for an additional fee. Make sure to find out their processing fees for each transaction and to watch to ensure they do not go up over time. All online processing systems charge a transaction fee and/or percentage. 

Option 2 - Secure Form without Integration to PMS
The second way is to hire Identity Dental Marketing to set up a custom, secure form. For security reasons, you would need to login and retrieve the information for each payment method. You would then manually process the patient's transaction and inform them of this transaction. The set up fee is $100 and the monthly hosting fee for this secure form is $50.  You would pay your usual processing fees and manual work would be involved in processing and patient communication.