Purchase your hosting account on https://www.siteground.com/

  1. Select VIEW PLANS under MANAGED WordPress Hosting, then select the GROW BIG plan.
    If you are purchasing a new Keyword-Heavy domain (as advised by your Project Manager), enter the new domain by selecting "Register a New Domain."

    Otherwise, select "I already have a domain" and enter your current website URL.

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  2. Enter your payment information. Be sure to utilize the owner/doctor’s email address and contact information. This is the official owner of the hosting account. You should utilize an email that is not connected to your domain (i.e. email@gmail.com).
  3. Once purchasing the account, Siteground may (or may not) have you complete a series of verification steps.

    This may include verifying your email, phone number, and/or a small bank account transaction.

    This step does not always appear. If Siteground does not prompt you to verify your account, you can skip this step.

Last Step:

Email your project manager/contact at Identity Dental Marketing with your login credentials. Our team will then set up your website on this account.

If you would like assistance, please call us at 847-629-4646.