Example email:

Thank you for reaching out regarding removing the other dental offices that are located on the Google map. Please note, we do have a few options outlined below:

Option 1: Superimpose a custom image that opens to the map which will make your location bigger on the google map to not show as many other locations. This is a great option because it doesn’t require any ongoing expense, allows you to display the map with a branded pin drop, and allows us to remove the competitors from your website. Sometimes people don’t like it because the map functionality is lost, however clicking on the map graphic will open the Google map in a different browser so that your website visitors can easily find you. 

Option 2: Pay for a setup with google maps api key and then we can set it up to customize the setting where the other dental offices are not present ( Click here for set up instructions: https://identitydentalmarketing.helpdocs.com/websites/getting-a-google-maps-api-key ) This is probably the most arduous option, and it has risk involved. If you lost your maps api status it could randomly stop displaying/working and cause a hard-to-detect website error in the future. For instance, it’s difficult to remember to update your credit card on file with a Google maps API since it’s such a rare tool utilized in website development. Our developers can integrate this for you, but the API status and initial setup would need to be set up and owned by you. 

Option 3: leave as is which is the standard google integration. The disadvantage here is we do not have the ability to customize the map further. 

Please let me know which option you chose so we can move forward with the next step. I recommend embedding the custom graphic and having it open the live Google map upon click (option 1).